The mainstream material in ergonomic chairs---mesh VS sponge, choose according to your own needs. There is no good or bad between the two, because the corresponding people are different.

Chair made of mesh


1. Breathable, no need to argue, the mesh surface is indeed more breathable than the sponge.

2. It is easy to take care of, which is a problem that many people often consider

3. Tightness----I like this feeling and I don't like it

4. In terms of appearance, it is slightly more fashionable than the sponge model (personal opinion)

5. A good mesh material, such as glass fiber and carbon fiber, has a very good texture. You can compare the ordinary mesh material. When you touch it with your hand, you can tell it when you sit on the buttocks.


1. The collapse of the mesh surface is judged according to its own weight

2. Not wear-resistant, no matter how good the material is blown, it is always wear-resistant

3. If the tonnage is high, the thighs are thick, and the legs are short, don't choose the mesh surface, 80% will feel that the thighs are oppressed, just according to the severity.

Sponge material


1. The comfort is high, depending on the individual who prefers the one

2. Wear-resistant. Generally, the fabric wrapped in the outer layer of a good chair sponge is very particular, not only wear-resistant but also stain-resistant

3. Thick feeling, it gives the impression that the quality is good and the materials are solid

4. The versatility far exceeds the network surface.


1. No mesh material for breathability

2. It takes time to take care of, but it can be cleaned up now with fabric cleaner

3. Some people say that the sponge material collapses. After a long time, a slight collapse is normal. If it collapses after sitting for a few days, 100% can say that the chair is a quality problem, and whether there is a firmness under the seat cushion. the bracket problem

Many chairs have a mesh back and a sponge cushion. For the time being, only the material of the seat cushion is compared.

In terms of integration, the mesh material and the sponge material have completely opposite characteristics in terms of breathability, comfort, wear resistance, versatility, and ease of cleaning. The mesh material has good air permeability, but the comfort is not as good as that of the sponge material; the sponge material has strong wear resistance but is more difficult to clean than the mesh chair.

Therefore, no matter what kind of chair you choose, you should first understand the characteristics of the chair material, and then choose according to the material after meeting the conditions of your own chair selection.