Chairs are mainly used for people to rest in the furniture of each family. There are many types of chairs on the market, and chairs of different materials are different in appearance and comfort.

When choosing a chair, what material is better for a chair?

What material is the chair made of?

At present, the chairs on the market can be divided into solid wood chairs, steel wood chairs, panel chairs, glass chairs, wrought iron chairs, plastic chairs, and fabric chairs.

Art chairs, leather chairs, leather chairs, foam chairs, etc. Here are some chairs made from several materials.

1. Solid wood chairs Solid wood chairs are natural in color and are a natural and healthy fashion choice. There are many kinds of materials, mainly beech. Timber, teak, ash, elm, poplar, pine, among which ash, beech, and oak are the most valuable.

2. Fabric materials Fabric chairs are leisure chairs made of different fabrics. In style, it is more suitable for European and American country style. The generation of fashion styles, as well as neoclassical styles, etc. Among the modern and fashionable fabric lounge chairs, their shapes are generally simple and stylish, full of artistic sense.

3. The surface of the outdoor steel chair is polished, sprayed with zinc, sprayed with anti-ultraviolet outdoor powder and other special anti-rust and wear-resistant treatments. Its main features are: strong, economical, durable, very suitable for outdoor use.

4, leather chair leather chair appearance is very atmospheric. Generally speaking, leather chairs are mainly composed of leather products and solid wood frames, and are usually used for leisure. The seat and inner seat of the chair are leather, while the perimeter and outer back of the lounge chair are generally made of artificial leather.

5. Rattan material Rattan is a healthy and environmentally friendly raw material, suitable for placing in the balcony, bedroom, study. Rattan chair appearance. The world is full of culture and gives a very comfortable experience.

6. Plastic wood material Plastic wood is not a natural material, but a new material mixed with plastic and wood pulp. Leather goods and solid wood frame are the main materials. Usually the seat surface and the inner back surface of the sofa are made of leather materials.

7. Rattan chair Rattan chair is more and more popular now, it is a kind of common chair. Suitable for balcony, study and other places. It is a rattan chair full of cultural atmosphere, allowing people to enjoy life better.