Ergonomic chair is a chair designed for people who sit and work for a long time. It can relieve fatigue and reduce occupational diseases. It has multi-function and can adjust the sitting posture and seat height.

Ergonomic computer chairs have many adjustment mechanisms, including lifting, multi-level synchronous tilt, front and rear adjustment, front and back adjustment, up and down adjustment, back height adjustment, and head pillow.

Level adjustment, handrail lifting and angle adjustment, breathable. Effectively alleviate the fatigue of sitting in front of the computer for a long time, and correct the sitting posture. Usually, the failure rate of this kind of chair is very low, but there are still some problems

Consumers don't know much about it, so today I'll talk to you about the benefits of ergonomic chairs for people?

The specific benefits are as follows:

1. The head position is adjusted, and the height and angle of the head restraint are adjusted humanized. Corresponding adjustments are made for different body types, fitting the neck to guide the sitting posture, so as to reduce the fatigue of the human body.

2. The position of the chair back can be adjusted. The back is equipped with a waist pillow or a curved waist back. The best support position for the waist is the third and fourth vertebrae. The height of the whole chair back can be adjusted, which is easy and easy to meet the requirements

According to the needs of users of the same type, most of the human weight borne by the lumbar vertebrae can be reduced.

3. Seat cushion depth adjustment: for users with different heights, the seat cushion depth is adjusted to an appropriate position to traction the correct sitting posture; Play the role of natural release and improve operation efficiency.

4. Adjust the position of handrail, adjust the height and angle of handrail, make the transition between hand and table more smooth, and effectively prevent the generation of mouse hand.