1. Excessive rotation

The office chair was originally used as an office chair. Many friends turn and play in their spare time. Long term rotation will cause the office chair to rub and generate heat. If it is a low-quality office chair, there may be problems. This is like a mobile phone. If you keep the mobile phone running at high speed for a long time, the mobile phone will fail. The office chair is the same as the mobile phone. It runs at high speed for a long time, such as

If the quality of office chair is poor, there will be problems, which is also a normal phenomenon.

2. Tilt back for a long time

I believe that many friends will gradually get used to leaning on the office chair after completing some work. When some people lean, their whole weight is basically completely suspended on the backrest. As a result, the center of gravity of the office chair is unbalanced. Finally, when tilted backward, the center of gravity of the office chair is unstable and falls to the ground. Therefore, in our daily life, try not to lean back.

3. Buy office chairs from big manufacturers

The background of large manufacturers is relatively strong, and the materials used are also guaranteed. The quality and after-sales service of office chairs can be guaranteed. Many small manufacturers are relatively unacceptable

Shit. After buying the office chair, we may not even have the contact information of a manufacturer, and we don't know who to call after sales. Therefore, when we buy office chairs, especially in large quantities, we must find reliable office chairs.