1. Mechanical chassis of ergonomic chair

It is Ergonomics is the most important part of the chair. The most common mechanical chassis functions can be divided into: seat back tilt; The seat back and cushion are tilted synchronously; Seat back angle adjustment; Adjustment of seat cushion forward tilt angle, etc. When purchasing office furniture, appropriate evaluation and consideration should be made in order to select chairs with appropriate functions to meet the needs of actual work.

2. Height and angle of ergonomic chair back

The adjustment function can provide appropriate back support for the user, help the user maintain a correct sitting posture, and protect the user's spine from damage caused by long-time work.

3. Ergonomic seat lumbar support

Imitation cotton chair back is an indispensable design item. Its function is to help users maintain a correct sitting posture, reduce the pressure on the spine and avoid spinal distortion caused by poor sitting posture.

4. Mesh material of ergonomic chair

It is now widely used in ergonomic chair backs. Due to its elasticity and softness, the design of the seat back can highlight the lumbar support part, but when the human body leans back on the seat back, the mesh cloth will automatically

Adjustment and adaptation: regardless of the user's body shape, the chair back can closely support the whole back of the user.

5. Height of ergonomic seat

It can be adjusted properly, which is equally important for an ergonomic chair. Users of different heights can freely adjust the seat to suit their height, so that the seat cushion can properly support their thighs, and the feet of colleagues can be placed flat on the ground. Even sitting on the chair for a long time will not affect the normal blood circulation.

6. Seat orientation of ergonomic chair

It can rotate freely, and users can easily change the direction of their body according to the situation of the desktop and work needs without twisting their waist.

7. Ergonomic chair polyester cotton

It is the best cushioning material with good elasticity and no deformation for a long time. At the same time, because its production process is die-casting, it can make the cushion conform to the shape of human hip, which can not only balance the weight, but also

Make the appearance of the chair have the flavor of modern design.

8. Armrest height of ergonomic chair

The adjustment function allows the user to adjust the armrest to the appropriate height. In this way, when his arm rests on the armrest, his shoulder can also be relaxed, so as to reduce the pressure of work.

9. Head restraint height of ergonomic chair

The adjustment function of modern leather chair is becoming more and more important. The user can adjust the head restraint to the appropriate position according to his height and body shape, so that when he needs to lean back for a while to rest, he can

Your head and neck will be fully supported to eliminate fatigue.

10. Five star chair feet and casters of ergonomic chair

Special emphasis on its carrying capacity, the key lies in the raw materials used in daily life, but it is difficult to identify from the surface. The world recognized standard requires the five-star foot to bear the weight pressure of 400kg; Two casters shall pass the 15N rolling friction resistance test.