1、 Good seat back

The back of the chair can be said to be the soul of an easy-going public chair.

First of all, -- for a good office chair, its back design must be in line with the natural spine curve of the human body, that is, the thoracic spine is convex backward, and the cervical spine and lumbar spine are convex forward. Therefore, the work chair with reasonable design

The human back should have the following three support points:

1、. There is an adjustable curved surface at the upper back to support the kyphosis thoracic vertebrae.

2. There is an adjustable lumbar cushion at the back waist to support the lordosis lumbar spine.

3. There is an adjustable neck support. There is an adjustable neck pillow at the head and neck to support the cervical lordosis, which is very important to alleviate fatigue.

2、 Two "degrees" should be selected

1. Everyone's height and leg length are different. For a good office chair, the height of the seat cushion should be adjustable.

2. The depth of the seat cushion should be deep enough and adjustable to release the pressure on the lower thighs and promote the blood circulation of the lower limbs without sliding out of the seat.

3、 Seat 'to be stable'

Office often needs to be moved, so the office chair with casters has become the mainstream. If you are careful, you will find that the general office chair with casters is supported by five points, which also meets the needs of stability and will not overturn. At the same time, casters should also be more wear-resistant, which is also to improve the stability of the chair.

4、 Breathable fabric

Generally speaking, the cortex of office chair is divided into mesh and cortex. Each has its own characteristics: the cortex is easy to clean, but the air permeability is poor; Mesh has good air permeability, but it does not maintain stability. However, for the material of office chair, try to choose breathable fabric. Even if the office is air-conditioned and constant temperature throughout the year, the cold and heat are suitable, but because the human body is in close contact with the seat, the breathable materials are more conducive to heat dissipation, and the human body will feel more comfortable.

5、 The armrest is connected with the seat back

The simple way to judge the quality of a - chair is to see whether the armrest of the chair is connected to the chair back or the seat cushion. When the armrest is connected to the chair back, the armrest can maintain the same angle as the human back to obtain comfortable arm support.