Office chair is a common seat in the office. It has the characteristics of flexible movement, strong and durable, free adjustment of seat posture, moderate price and so on. In recent years, mesh office chair has been very popular

Welcome products, the choice of color is also one of its highlights. The fashionable and simple plane sealed working position shows the beautiful atmosphere of the staff chair. But many little friends don't know much about its material, so let's simply say its material today.

The structure of mesh office chair is divided into: chair back, armrest, cushion, air pressure rod, tripod and caster.

The material is composed of fabric, sponge, forming bending plate, hardware accessories, nylon products, etc.

1、 Production process of mesh office chair:

    1. Cut off the mesh cloth according to the template and sew it into cushion cover and back cover with clothes cart;

    2. Use glue to firmly stick the cut sponge on the forming bending plate;

    3. Place the sewn cushion cover and back cover on the bending plate with a sponge, and then nail them firmly with a nail gun. Assemble handrail, base, five-star foot and other accessories

2、 Quality requirements for mesh office chair:

    1. The gap between sewing lines is uniform and smooth, and the corner is smooth;

    2. The chair body shall be horizontal and upright, and there shall be no left-right tilt and swing when trying to sit;