Office chair is an indispensable chair in our life. Whether in the company or at home, it can help us maintain a correct sitting posture, so as to ensure our work efficiency and health.

However, there are many kinds of office chairs on the market, including mesh and leather according to different materials. So, when choosing office chair, which material is better? Let's see what people like

The difference between quality public chair and mesh office chair.

1. Easy to clean and care

Compared with the mesh office chair, the biggest feature of the leather office chair is easy to clean and manage, especially the PU leather sofa chair made of polyurethane and the animal leather sofa chair

Clean, wipe gently with a wet towel to remove dirt.

The office chair with clean mesh needs to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the mesh. Therefore, the cleaning of leather office chair is simpler and more convenient.

2. Not easy to deform

Because the leather office chair is soft and elastic, it is not easy to deform in the process of use. It is more durable and stronger than the deformable mesh office chair. For example, the leather computer chair of Yuhang adopts high-quality cow leather, which has better toughness, stronger durability and no deformation.

3. Good heat dissipation

Although the leather chair has certain heat absorption, it also has good heat dissipation. As long as you gently tap with your hand, you can dissipate heat. When you sit down again, you obviously don't feel so hot. And network office

Compared with the chair, it has better heat dissipation and comfort.

4. Leather office chair has another feature, that is, it is calm and atmospheric, which seems to be more noble than ordinary mesh office chairs. Because it is an artificial PU leather fabric or leather fabric, which has the characteristics of smooth and delicate, clear texture, soft color, uniform thickness and fine pores, its appearance is more elegant, bright, noble and generous. It can add an elegant atmosphere to the room both in the office and at home.