Ergonomic office chair is designed according to people's long-term work on the desk. It can alleviate fatigue and reduce occupational diseases. It has a variety of functions and can adjust sitting posture and

Height. The specific benefits are as follows:

The first is to adjust the head, humanize the height and angle of the head restraint, and make corresponding adjustments for different body shapes to adapt to the neck and guide the sitting posture to reduce human fatigue.

The next step is to adjust the back of the chair with a waist pillow or curved back. The best support position for the waist is the fourth spine. The whole backrest of the chair can adjust the height, which can easily meet the needs of users of different sizes. It is required to reduce most of the human weight carried by the lumbar spine. The second is to adjust the depth of the seat cushion. For users of different heights, adjust the depth of the seat cushion to an appropriate position to pull out the correct sitting posture, which has a natural release effect and can improve work efficiency.

Finally, adjust the height and angle of the handrails to smooth the transition between the surface of the hand and the table and prevent the mouse from generating.

Therefore, the ergonomic office chair provides all-round support for office workers and can effectively reduce their work fatigue.