When it comes to desks and chairs, I'm sure everyone is familiar with it. We often contact it at work. In modern society, office furniture is not only used for office work, but also has a certain process

The artistry of degree can prove the use of threatening public furniture and the charm of human beings. When designing office chairs, a cushion is designed in the middle of the chair, which makes a great contribution to reducing work pressure and fatigue Use. This is related to the design concept of office chair. What is the design concept of office chair today?

1. Practical concept

The office chair is mainly used to assist people in their work. Whether it is the furniture in the negotiation area, conference tables and chairs or screen work position, it focuses on simplicity, practicability and functionality. According to the working situation, simplicity and practicality can be created without complex design.

2. Comfort concept

Sitting for a long time without getting tired should be the most basic and important requirement. The handrail can be lifted and lowered humanized, and the back is highly comfortable. The four corners of the product are designed into an arc, which is more intimate and intimate! In the design, the office furniture is required to look fashionable and atmospheric, and the workmanship will be more exquisite. The selection of materials should also be carefully considered.

3. Health concept

Office chairs should be healthy and environmentally friendly. If the quality of office furniture is not good enough, it is easy to cause harm to human body. Therefore, consumers must pay attention to the material when designing,

To avoid environmental pollution.

4. Uniform style

The second design concept of office chair is to have a unified style. Usually, we mainly match the style of office furniture according to the decoration style of the space. This design is not only beautiful, but also makes the atmosphere of the space more beautiful. Integration.

5. Concept of functional integration

The design concept of functional integrated office furniture is more important. If the function of office furniture is too single, it is easy to bring us inconvenience. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to its function in design to avoid being fancy. What is the design concept of office chair? Considering the diversity of cultures, let's share it today. Even in the same company, different employees may have different aesthetics and personality. Therefore, in furniture design, we must fully consider the personal needs of employees and make office furniture look as clean as possible without losing its uniqueness.