E-sports chair is a kind of chair specially designed for E-sports games. We can also call it computer chair. However, in order to use it, its functions will be more diversified than computer chair. Our common functions include chair height lifting, 90 ° - 180 ° reclining, lifting and rotating armrest, chair rotation, and even some E-sports chairs are equipped with sound and massage functions.

Product features

The e-sports chair made of quality tested materials has a longer service life. Selected fabrics for comfort and breathability. Ergonomic design, comfortable sitting.

Design highlights

The superfine fiber skin selected for the fabric has very superior wear and dirt resistance, good air permeability and aging resistance. It will make people feel soft and comfortable, with strong flexibility and skin affinity. The color matching is inspired by F1 racing flagpole and bright colors to make you feel comfortable. Ergonomically designed E-sports chair is conducive to correcting sitting posture. The seat armrest is made of super elastic polyurethane material, which has the functions of lifting and rotating inward and outward. You can adjust it to the height suitable for you, so that your arms can use the computer in a more comfortable posture to prevent fatigue. The seat back is made of native sponge with suitable softness and density, plus a comfortable waist pillow, which is more in line with the sitting posture of the human body, protects the waist and effectively relieves sedentary fatigue. The cushion is made of latex and high-density sponge, which is comfortable and ideal for sedentary workers at work.

Material analysis

The streamlined E-sports chair has a concise and elegant back, adheres to the strict ergonomic principle, adopts three-dimensional surrounding, clings to the waist and back, and takes care of the head and neck. The back rest can be adjusted freely, convenient and comfortable, can work and rest! The backrest and cushion of the chair adopt mature splicing technology, which is fashionable and flexible. It can lie at a large angle of 180 °, deeply absorb the pressure of shoulder and elbow, and give effective support to the back. The seat can be equipped with pull-out foldable foot support, 10cm thickened sponge and thickened backrest, which effectively improves the sitting feeling of the seat and human comfort.