On the surface, there seems to be no great difference between the famous brand E-sports chair and the ordinary E-sports chair, but the treatment of details and the use of internal raw materials are very different. The good quality of raw materials and parts directly affects the service life and comfort. Here are some points for reference, From these points of view, we can directly see the detailed differences between famous brand E-sports chairs and ordinary E-sports chairs. As the saying goes, the details are clear at a glance.

Some skills should be paid attention to when choosing E-sports chair, racing chair and E-sports sofa.

1. Observe the cushion. Generally, the sofa and chair are sponge cushions. The cost of a good cushion is high, so some businesses make an issue on the cushion in order to reduce the cost, such as reducing the thickness of the sponge or the strength of the material is not enough. A good cushion is generally thick and has a sunken arc curve to adapt to people's hips. The wide cushion design can effectively reduce the muscle strain of the hip. Supplemented by high-density sponge cushion, it has moderate soft and hard, has an extremely comfortable feeling, and can also ensure the ventilation under sedentary conditions.

2. Sitting feeling: if the design is reasonable, the sofa is generally comfortable, and the cushion part has good acceptability and inclusiveness, so as not to feel uncomfortable.

3. The backrest should be reliable. The backrest of some sofas is relatively loose. It will make noise when leaning back. Such sofas are easy to be damaged. The backrest adopts racing high and straight design, which adds an extended head rest that most seats do not have, makes up for the lack of head rest in most computer chairs, reduces the pressure on the cervical spine, and can effectively prevent fatigue problems such as cervical pain.

4. Try shaking left and right. If the overall structure of the sofa is unstable, it is easy to be damaged.

5. Turn the sofa over and watch its hidden structure. If the parts are rough or even rusty, they are inferior products.

6. Air rod: if the e-sports sofa you buy has the function of swivel chair, try to lift the product and feel whether the lifting process is smooth. If it feels dry, the air rod quality is not good. I play games too much and want to take a nap. There is no support for my head and the backrest can't be flattened. It's impossible to lie on the computer chair. I feel uncomfortable when I lie on the desktop. The backrest of the e-sports sofa adopts 180 degree adjustable technology for users to lie down and rest.