A good E-sports chair should have the characteristics of ergonomic chair. A brief summary is as follows:

1) Seat back: the seat back is the most important place of the seat. It must fit with the human spine, evenly distribute the body weight, relieve the pressure on the waist, and eliminate pressure points and heat accumulation. In addition, due to the different weight of each person, the required tilt strength of the chair back is different, and the tilt strength of the chair needs to be adjustable.

2) Lumbar support: in order to reasonably support the lumbar spine, the lumbar support needs to choose an elastic and adjustable lumbar support. By adjusting the curvature, the movable lumbar support makes the whole lower back relax and fit comfortably on the lower back, so as to relax the spine and vertebrae, so as to relieve the fatigue of the spine and vertebrae.

3) Cushion: cushion is generally divided into sponge and mesh cloth. In contrast, mesh cushion sponge cushion is more breathable, but it requires higher quality. It requires both good elasticity and good load-bearing capacity. Many foreign office chair brands use mesh cushion.

4) Handrail: the handrail should be able to adjust both the up and down distance of the handrail and the left and right distance of the handrail. On the other hand, the armrest is connected to the chair back. When a person tilts back, the armrest can maintain the same angle as the person's back, and the arm support is more comfortable.