In the design process of E-sports chair, we should combine ergonomics to design humanized products The ergonomics and modeling of products are combined. As long as the products used by "people" should be considered in ergonomics.

We can describe ergonomics as follows: Taking physiology as the radius and psychology as the center, we can establish a model of harmonious relationship between people and products, comprehensively balance the use of human functions, maximize human potential, protect human health, and improve productivity.

From the perspective of industrial design, humanization must be considered as a very important factor in the design, ranging from urban planning, aerospace systems, construction facilities, means of transportation, mechanical equipment and automatic chemical plants to clothing, furniture, stationery, cups, basins, bowls, chopsticks and other living products.

Products can be divided into general supplies and professional supplies. The design of general supplies needs to consider the psychological level, while the design of professional supplies needs to consider more ergonomics. In short, no matter what product, we should pay attention to humanized design.