The past two years have brought enormous disruptions to global supply chains. Now, skyrocketing shipping costs have begun to affect gaming chair brands. If you’re in the market for a gaming chair, consider buying one soon, before price increases begin. Over the past 12 months, the rate to ship a container from Shanghai to LA has increased by 229%. Since almost all gaming chairs are made in China, this has huge industry ramifications.

Some of the gaming suppliers said “Unfortunately, businesses have no other choice but to raise prices… or cut corners… We have tried to hold the line, but unfortunately, this means that we will have to raise prices on our entire product line very soon.”


But even at such situation, Yuhang furniture Co., Ltd. Who is the well-known gaming chair suppliers will keep current price to help clients maintain the competition. We are willing to sacrifice our own interest to our clients.

But why Gaming Chair Prices Will Rise in 2021

The reason for inevitable price increases is shipping costs. Over the past year, rates have increased by 333% across eight major shipping routes.


In early 2020, there was a major GPU shortage. First, Chinese manufacturing was temporarily limited by the COVID outbreak. Then, shipping delays set in. On top of that, the rising price of Bitcoin created a higher demand for GPUs. As a result, demand skyrocketed while supplies dwindled.

In 2021, is a gaming chair shortage possible? If lockdowns persist, yes. During lockdowns, the demand for gaming chairs skyrockets.

If Chinese manufacturing is affected by COVID again, stocks may run low. Even so, prices are likely to rise.

Bottom line: if you don’t already have one, consider buying a gaming chair now. AKRacing chairs are on sale now, with a price hike scheduled for August 1. Other brands are likely to follow.

If shortages kick in, your only option will be to pay more and wait longer to get your chair delivered.