1. The color matching should be coordinated

When choosing a studio desk and chair, you must first understand the overall color configuration of the entire studio in order to better choose the matching desk and chair. Therefore, it is not appropriate to choose desks and chairs with too beautiful or rich colors in the working environment, and you cannot Too dark colors will create a harsh and restrained atmosphere for the space environment. Therefore, it is more suitable to choose a slightly bright office desk and chair that matches the overall color of the entire work environment.

2. The scale style selection should be suitable

Due to the limited working environment and space, when choosing desks and chairs, in addition to uniformity, attention should be paid to the scale and style. The style should not be too messy and uniform. The key is to check the scale so that it can be placed in a limited workspace environment, and After placing it, it is necessary to leave a certain activity space to avoid blockage or depression.